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Scenariusz Michael H.Price, rysunek Todd Camp, wydawca Cremo Studios Inc, stron 290, oprawa miękka, papier matowy, druk czarno-biały, język angielski.

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The all-B&W popularly priced edition of Price & Camp's CARNIVAL OF SOULS is all but identical to the costlier color-plates edition, with a few unique variations. "Carnival of Souls," the graphic novel authorized by filmmaker Herk Harvey as an adaptation of his celebrated movie, is a high point of a sustained collaboration between comics artists Michael H. Price and Todd Camp from the late 1980s through the 1990s. This omnibus collection presents an expanded and remastered edition of "Carnival of Souls" in addition to Price & Camp's long-running newspaper strip "Moviola," highlights from such anthologies as "Holiday for Screams," "Images of Omaha (the Cat Dancer)," "Hyena," and "Stitches" -- with bonus tracks including the "Planet of the Dead" thrill-ride promotional booklet, T-shirt designs for "Planet of the Dead" and the rock band Rigor Mortis, and Price & Camp's "Tales from the Crypt" parody for an industrial trade journal.

Cremo Studios Inc